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The Best Camera Lens for Travel: The Nifty 50

March 09 2018

The Best Camera Lens for Travel: The Nifty 50
The Best Camera Lens for Travel: The Nifty 50

Anybody here take pictures while they travel?  We get asked all the time, what kind of lens should I bring when I travel?  Around here, we all agree there is a clear winner.  Pack a 50mm f1.8 lens for your adventures, lovingly referred to as a nifty fifty.  Read on for why we think the nifty fifty comes out on top.


First things first, 50mm lenses are compact, light, and durable.  You don't have to know much about the Matador team to know that we are a bit obsessed with this trifecta.  On average, a 50mm lens weighs only 4 to 6 ounces. 



Nifty 50s are a low cost lens.  They typically run $100-$200USD.  So, if you are adding to a collection or replacing a stock lens this is an affordable way to go.


Get your bokeh game on point.  Bokeh refers to how the lens captures the part of the image that is not in focus.  Want your subject to be super sharp and the background to have that ultra-natural, super awesome, subtle blurring?  The nifty fifty will do the work for you.  Photos look professional and in focus, for both beginners and professionals.    


The nifty fifty has a BIG, fixed aperture and can let in lots of light.  When light is low, 50mm is the way to go.  You often cannot control the light, but you can get awesome photos regardless with this lens.  



There is no zoom on a nifty fifty.  Don't worry though, it's easy to zoom in and out by moving your feet.  You will want to be further away than your subject than you think, so you can capture an incredible composition from a comfortable distance.  Without zooming, you will use all the megapixels your camera has and keep resolution.  The lens takes naturally sharp pictures to boot.      


The nifty fifty lens sees and renders your images in the same way your eyes see.  The result is that pictures from a 50mm lens look really natural.  Subjects look the same in photos as they do in real life, which is great for travel memories.  People look natural too!


Make the jump from your kit lens or cell phone and take the best pictures of your life.  We promise, the 50mm is best lens investment you can make if you plan to capture your travels.  Bonus?  The camera base layer will fit most DSLR and all mirrorless cameras with a 50mm lens.  Get an awesome shot and want to share?  Get in touch!  We feature awesome adventure photography on Instagram and would love to see pics from your latest adventure.



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