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Camera Base Layer Instructions

The Camera Base Layer is designed for mirrorless camera bodies with multiple lens combinations. It also accommodates most compact DSLRs and point and shoots. Check out our fit guide or list of tested models below.

Sony A7RIII camera on white background

How to measure for a great fit

To ensure a good fit in both waterproof and fast-access modes, we suggest you measure your camera before purchase. Simplily measure from the back of the body to the end of the lens for length and across the body for width.

Please note:
The Camera Base Layer does not fit battery grips.

Sony A7RIII + 24x70 f/2.8
8.5 x 5.25 x 3.75 inches

Max lens length is about 6 1/2 inches

Two ways to adjust for a perfect fit

Diagram of Camera Base Layer on white background being adjusted shorter

Macro Adjust

Tuck the bottom of the case up inside itself and cinch the drawstring to convert to short mode.

Diagram of Camera Base Layer on white background showing buckle adjustments

Micro Adjust

Adjust the magnetic buckle up or down for a snugger/looser fit.

Below are a few camera types and models we have tested. We recommend measuring your camera with all lenses to make sure it will fit prior to purchase. To pass the fit test the camera must fit completely in the Camera Base Layer, have room to roll the dry bag 3 times, and snap closed.

Tested Models/Lenses

• Sony A7RIII + 24x70 f/2.8
• Nikon Z6 III + kit lens (All Nikon mirrorless bodies)
• Olympus OM-D Mark IV + Kit lens
• Sony A6100 + Kit
• Fuji XT4 + Kit Lens
• Sony a6 + Kit lens (Smallest recommended size)

Does not fit
• Canon r6 + 600mm + anything larger
• Nikon z6 III+ 70-200 + anything larger

Not recommended
• Canon R6 + 28-70mm F/2 (Only rolls twice in dry bag)

• Nikon D780 + Kit Lens

Does not fit
• Canon 5d mark IV + Kit Lens
• Nikon D850 + Kit
• All larger Canons