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Color | Glacier Blue

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The BetaLock™ is an aircraft-grade aluminum carabiner that can be locked with a key to deter theft. Use it to instantly connect, identify, or secure your gear. TSA approved.

"2024 Best Travel Gadget / Electronic" –Travel Goods Association
Best For: Quickly attaching, locking, or identifying items
Deadbolt locking gate deters theft (patent pending)
TSA compliant lock


Carabiners and locks are both crucial pieces in our travel kit, but carrying a lock is a drag. Locks are cumbersome, slow to use, uninspired, and often get left behind as a result. The BetaLock™ was designed to address exactly that.

It works perfectly as a rugged EDC carabiner and transitions seamlessly into a theft-deterring lock at the turn of a key. It’s lightweight and multi-use so there’s no reason to leave it behind. The most effective lock is the one you have on-hand when you need it.

- Carabiner format with easy-to-use spring gate
- Locking and non-locking capability
- Forged from light and durable aircraft grade aluminum
- Deadbolt style locking gate prevents grab-and-go theft
- 2 keys included
- TSA compliant

Weight: 1.94oz (55g)
Dimensions: 3.7 H x 2.5 W x 0.47 D in (9.3H x 6.3W x 1.1D cm)

- Forged 6061 aluminum body and gate
- 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, plated zinc lock components
- Anodized finish

Do not use for climbing or suspending heavy or dangerous loads.The BetaLock™ is not intended for use as a load bearing device.

What does TSA approved mean?
TSA requires that all locks can be accessed with coded TSA keys that enable luggage to be searched if necessary. If non-TSA compliant locks are used, the locks and/or baggage may become damaged to afford access. The BetaLock™ conforms to TSA key requirements and can be unlocked by TSA if needed.

What level of anti-theft protection does the BetaLock™ offer?
The BetaLock™ is engineered to provide a theft deterrent level of security. Deterrent level of security is appropriate for short lapses in supervision and to prevent grab and go theft, pick pocketing, and tampering.

When choosing a lock, it is important to know what level of security you need for various applications. The BetaLock™ is designed for passive protection and deters against common grab and go theft that occurs frequently when traveling. Deterrent level of security is appropriate when carrying baggage or wearing a backpack in urban areas, or where your belongings are out of sight during quick stops.

Can separate BetaLock™ carabiners be opened with one key?
The BetaLock™ is a universal lock. The keys will work across any BetaLock™, allowing users to have multiple locks that can be opened with one key. The most effective theft deterrent locks are ones that are readily available and used with frequency.

What locking mechanism is used in the BetaLock™?
The BetaLock™ has a deadbolt style closure. When locked, the key actuates a bolt that interlocks with the gate. Deadbolt closures like the one in the BetaLock™ can only be moved with a key, and cannot be jimmied or opened with a knife or credit card.

Does the BetaLock™ provide any insurance for stolen items?
The BetaLock™ does not provide any insurance for stolen or lost items, injury, or death, regardless of whether the lock or carabiner fails due to error in use, manufacturing, tampering, damage, or any other methodology. The BetaLock™ does have a warranty that applies to the BetaLock™ only, please contact customer service for warranty support.

Does the BetaLock have a weight rating?
The BetaLock™ does not have a weight rating because it is not intended, designed, or safe to use as a weight bearing device. The BetaLock™ is not intended for climbing.

Does the BetaLock work as a clip when not locked?
Yes, the BetaLock™ functions like a spring gate clip when not locked. Fast and efficient, the BetaLock™ lets you attach or identify things when unlocked. When needed, lock with the key for added security.

Does the BetaLock™ come with a cable for locking multiple things or hard to reach places?
The BetaLock™ Accessory Cable is not included with the BetaLock™. We recommend pairing the BetaLock™ with a BetaLock™ Accessory Cable if you would like to lock multiple zippers on your bag, multiple items together, or secure hard to reach places and small access points. You can add the Accessory Cable here.

hand holding gold carabiner gate open, attaching hat to bag strap


Quickly and easily attach items together when used unlocked.

hand holding close up view of metal carabiner with key inserted


Use the included keys to lock the TSA compliant deadbolt and deter grab-and-go theft.

hands unclipping a gold betalock from a pile of bags covered in betalocks


Available in multiple colors—use to identify and personalize your equipment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Smaller size please

I would go with a smaller size. Less bulky . Is that something you would consider in future ?

Jason M.
Betalock and cable

Very happy with the quality and multiple uses for this carabiner lock. Since receiving it and seeing the product in person I’ll be ordering more for all the additional ways that I’ve found to use it.

Desert R.
Is it really TSA Compliant?

Just bought one at REI. Didn’t realize one key fits all of them…. That seems like a bit of legerdemain. And there was a review on the REI website that states that it is not TSA compliant? They said at the airport a TSA officer showed them that the TSA master key doesn’t fit in the lock… that the lock appears to be made backwards? The build quality seems nice, but the functionality of design for its intended purpose seems poor.

Hey Desert, thanks for the review. We wanted to clarify that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does use a master key system for its TSA-approved luggage locks. The master keys allow TSA agents to open and relock luggage without having to cut the lock. However, not all TSA locks have the same key, and TSA agents may have different keys depending on their location. As of August 2015, there were seven master keys used by the TSA, numbered 001–007, with 007 being the most common. The BetaLock adhears to these requirements, and utilizes the TSA 007 key, making it TSA compliant.