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What does IPX6 rated waterproofing mean?

March 23 2021

What does IPX6 rated waterproofing mean?
What does IPX6 rated waterproofing mean?

The term waterproof is thrown around an awful lot.  That’s why we’re taking our waterproofing to a whole new, third party certified, level.

IPX6 is one of a few variations of IP code, or Ingress Protection Code.  IP Codes classify protection from both water and dust.  In the case of the new Base Layer Line, the protection IPX6 is referring to water protection, because that is what we tested for. 


I  -  Ingress

P  -  Protection

X  -   not tested for protection from solid particles (such as dust)

6  -   tested up to level 6 for protection from liquids (such as water)



Level 6 waterproofing is a specific level of waterproofing that we selected to test up to, because level 6 most closely resembles the realistic criteria for a waterproof bag designed to use in the outdoors. 

To test to level 6 protection from liquids, a third party tests the actual products by closing them and spraying them from all directions with powerful water jets.  Products are sprayed with 100 liters per minute at a pressure of at least 15psi for at least 3 minutes from all directions. 

Ultimately, IPX6 rated protection is extremely waterproof, impenetrable by weather, waterfalls, and even a non-sustained total soaking.  At IPX7, a product is deliberately designed and intended for being submerged for a dictated amount of time.  We use the terms waterproof for products that are designed and/or tested to IPX6 and water resistant at anything beneath because, around here, we think the distinction really matters.  Having the right equipment starts with clear communication, you need to know as much as possible about every piece. 

This level of transparency can be found all the way down to our material specifications for each product.  All the way down to the type of thread holding together the seams, we believe in giving users as much information as possible.  We rely on coatings, seam tape, and appropriate closure methods to achieve our waterproofing- and every product attribute is clearly defined.

We will see you out there!


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