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Three Essential Stops In Sayulita, Mexico, & The Perfect Matador Travel Kit

May 07 2019

Three Essential Stops In Sayulita, Mexico, & The Perfect Matador Travel Kit
Three Essential Stops In Sayulita, Mexico, & The Perfect Matador Travel Kit
Traveling to Sayulita has been on the top of my list for a while now, so when I recently had the opportunity to join some friends for a trip, I was quick to jump on it. As I was packing, I thought it would be a cool idea to write up a quick post about the Matador pieces that I frequently travel with, as well as a few of my favorite places I found while staying in Sayulita.
When it comes to the gear that I travel with, functionality tops everything, followed by simplicity and then fashion. Fortunately, Matador has managed to combine all three of those together, which is why I am obsessed with these products and have been using them on a daily basis for over two years now. Keep in mind that I am a minimalist traveler, especially when headed somewhere tropical. Shorts, a couple T-shirts; yeah, we’re good.

Here's the rundown:
Here is everything packed up (Minus camera base layer.) Water bottle for scale. Pretty cool, eh?
My favorite piece from Matador is the Transit 30 Duffel, which I use every day. The straps are made of a nice webbing that feels great in your hand and there is a single pocket on the outside that is perfect for a passport and other small item. Finally, the Nylon material combined with the reinforced zippers make this bag essentially waterproof. I don’t want to make any bold claims about this being a dry-bag, but I will tell you that I once recovered this bag floating in the ocean with my camera inside while I was surfing back home in Washington. I set it at the top of the beach where I thought it was out of the reach of high tide, but I was wrong. I am happy to report everything was completely dry and my camera is alive and well to take these pictures.
Alright, let’s move on to Spot #1-
If you are a cafe lover like I am, make sure you check out Miscelanea Sayulita. Their simple menu and calm atmosphere facilitates a perfect place for a slow morning to get a little work done and enjoy a great cup of coffee and/or breakfast. Surf inspired art is all around the room and they also have a great outdoor patio if you’re in need of a little sunshine.
Ahh, fueled up and ready to surf.

Off to spot #2- Lunazul

You can’t visit Sayulita without going surfing and If you need to rent a board like I did, I would highly recommend this shop. Not only do they have an excellent selection of boards for all skill levels, they also have lockers available to rent while you are out surfing. This was an awesome find because I most definitely do not want to leave my backpack unattended on a crowded beach.
On the way to the surf shop, I decided to shoot through a roll of film and get some portraits of all the street dogs running around. Day trips like this are where the Freerain 24 really shines. The contents of this bag was: Two cameras, rash guard and boardshorts, Nanodry Towel, snacks and a water bottle, all fitting perfectly.
The surf wasn’t the best I have ever seen, but any day on the water is a good day to me. Before heading to our final spot, I wanted to dry off and change out of my boardies and rash guard. The Nanodry towel is super absorbent and dries you off quickly. The small droplet bag is also the perfect size for two pieces of clothing, and then some, and keeps your wet clothes separate from everything else in your backpack. There isn’t much else to say about these products because that’s just it. They work, really really well. Having the option to bring a day pack, towel, dry bag and duffel for the size of a water bottle in your checked bag is an absolute game changer.
Finally, if you want to satisfy that post-surf hunger, you NEED to check out Spot #3- Aloha Sayulita. There is nothing fancy about this place, it is a straw awning with a few tables in front of a tiny bar. The food however, blew my mind, especially the ceviche. My buddy and I ended up ordering three of them because we couldn’t get enough, this is the perfect place to finish off your day in Sayulita.

Wil Claussen is a friend of Matador. Check out his work at and follow along on Instagram @wilclaussen.


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