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The Familiar Unknown

June 27 2017

The Familiar Unknown
The Familiar Unknown

The Norwegian wilderness.
Explored by six friends.
On one unforgettable journey.

Most travel films are merely aesthetic montages. We wanted to tell a story.
A story of human connection in an unfamiliar place.

What are wondrous memories, behemoth mountains, gargantuan fjords and jaw-dropping vistas without the brotherhood and sisterhood to which all of us are bound?
No beginning, middle or end.
Hollow beauty.

The Familiar Unknown is about confronting a new challenge with the backing and guidance of friendship.
It is a commentary on the nature of our obsession for exploration of the mysterious, and the bonds between those who share it.

Produced by GKC (
Directed, filmed, and edited by Dewald Brand (
Kinetic Typography by Suzette van der Merwe (
Titling by Kambani Chamane (
Colouring by Josh Borill (
Sound Design by NOVO Sound (

Music (no copyright infringement intended):
Rain Dog — They Go Beyond
Arthur Russel — This Is How We Walk On The Moon
Luviia - Luviia — Sunintro
eets. & VIK - Sumtimes
Deft & Flako — The Traveller
Nujabes - The Space Between Two Worlds
Lino Capra Vaccina — Antico Adagio
Boards of Canada — Olson





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