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Solo Travel Tips for Adventurers

October 17 2023

Solo Travel Tips for Adventurers
Solo Travel Tips for Adventurers

Setting out on a solo trip is a ticket to unseen adventure and personal exploration. Solo travel grants you an unfiltered lens into the world's diverse cultures, landscapes, and atmospheres. But as with every epic journey you must start somewhere, and for us, it starts with preparation. We polled our team, tapping into numerous decades of travel experience, to compile a list of our most qualified travel tips for going it alone. These aren’t just things that might be beneficial­, these are lessons we’ve failed at and then had to learn the hard way. Your journey is your own, but if you keep reading, you might save yourself some frustration.


Do Your Research:

Before lacing up your travel boots, take a moment to immerse yourself in your chosen destination. Work to understand its rhythm and its customs. This isn’t just about avoiding tourist faux pas; it’s about walking its streets as if you’ve always belonged there, ready to greet every hidden alley and local haunt with familiarity. Blending in with the local culture is a guaranteed route to an authentic and memorable travel experience.


Stay in Communication:

The beauty of solo travel lies in its freedom, but remember, every wanderer needs a North Star. Share your itinerary with loved ones or shoot them a message from time to time. It's less about creating safety nets and more about sharing your epic tale with the people closest to you.


Packing Light:

Every seasoned traveler will tell you - mobility is key. With high-quality, lightweight gear designed for the nomad at heart, you're not just packing for a trip; you're curating an experience. The less you carry, the more room there is for memories, discoveries, and those little trinkets that tell your tales. For the Matador crew, packing light is a critical requirement for true adventure travel, and our selection of travel packs enable you to do exactly this.


Be Open to New Experiences:

The solo traveler thrives on openness, eagerly embracing local cultures and perhaps even mastering a phrase or two. While traveling solo you must rely on your natural compass to guide your path, but also allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone to experience something new. Adventure travel is just that… having an adventure.


Daylight Arrivals:

There’s a certain kind of magic in touching down in a new land when the sun fills in all the unique details of its landscape. New streets seem more inviting, and the initial excitement to explore is enabled by the daylight hours. It’s not just about practicality and ease of navigation; it’s about first impressions and making that initial connection with the land you are about to explore.


Get Travel Insurance:

By purchasing travel insurance prior to your trip you will be rewarded a peace of mind that will allow you to become completely immersed in your upcoming adventure. It’s not about expecting mishaps, but about waltzing through your journey knowing there's a safety net if you need it. For true adventure travelers we recommend buying Global Rescue insurance, the world's leading travel protection and favorite of the Matador Team. And while we're on the topic of back-ups, those digital copies of crucial documents? They're your silent roadies, ensuring the show goes on.


Socialize with fellow Travelers:

The lone wanderer thrives in solitude but also knows the joy of shared stories. Group tours and activities are where stories overlap, and where your narrative mingles with others. Hostels and hotels are a great environment to encounter other adventurers and learn about local sights and scenes that should not be missed. You never know when and where you will meet a lifelong friend or travel partner.


Staying Healthy:

Your journey's pace is set by the beat of your heart and the spring in your step. Stay hydrated, indulge in local delicacies, and rest when the journey demands it. Often we feel the pressure to fill our trips with as many activities and adventures as possible, but don’t forget to listen to your body. Maintaining your health is paramount, especially when there are experiences to be had, in a place you’ve never been.

In essence, solo travel isn’t a mere act; it’s an art form, a self-curated journey where you're both the artist and the masterpiece. Here’s to all the adventurous souls setting out alone, may your paths be filled with stories waiting to be told.


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