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Not Your Average Soap Bar Case

February 20 2020

Not Your Average Soap Bar Case
Not Your Average Soap Bar Case
There’s a reason the FlatPak Soap Bar Case was named “Best Gear of the Year” by Popular Mechanics, and won “Best Accessory” during the annual Carryology Carry Awards. Our customers have described it as “space magic”. We know what you’re thinking, what could possibly make a soap bar case, of all things, award-winning and rave-worthy?
Traveling with soap has long been a difficult process. The other options on the market tend to take up too much space (hello, clunky yellow plastic case), or leave you with a goopy soap-paste mess (g’day, Ziplock baggie). It seems like a minor annoyance, but if you’re a soap bar fan like we are, and if you travel often enough, this is a legitimate travel problem, which come to find out has a pretty simple solution.
We developed the FlatPak Soap Bar Case to solve both of these problems: the case itself is ultralight and minimalist, and it allows bars of soap to actually dry inside so your soap doesn’t turn to mush. On top of that, it’s waterproof from the outside, so water doesn’t enter the case, either. How does it work? The material of the case is made with revolutionary Dry-Through technology. It’s just porous enough for water vapor to pass through, but not enough for liquid water. The water dripping off your soap bar after a shower turns to vapor within the case, and then evaporates out. Some customers have asked how this doesn’t get the rest of your items wet. Because the water is released as a gas, the process merely adds a minimal amount of humidity to your pack, but will not get your other belongings wet. On top of that, the inside of the soap bar case is coated with a slick material that prevents the soap particles themselves from evaporating out. The result? You’re able to put a soaking wet bar of soap into the case, and by the time you’re ready for your next shower, the bar of soap is bone-dry and in one solid piece. The length of time it takes for the soap to dry depends on the humidity of your environment. In a dry place like our home state of Colorado, your soap will dry in a few hours. In a tropical jungle, it may take closer to 15-20 hours.
Well, there you have it, folks. The secret sorcery behind our fastest-selling product is simply thoughtfully chosen materials and science. Don’t believe us? Hear it from our customers.


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