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Gear Tags 2-Pack

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Secure your contact information to your luggage or equipment to identify what’s yours at a glance. These rugged tags are built from durable, weatherproof materials to withstand the harshest conditions.

Fits any bag or pack, including closed loops or handles
Write-in contact information or bag contents
Water, impact, and dust proof
2 Gear Tags included


Traditional luggage tags don’t hold up to the abuse of adventure travel. They tear off, get wet and disintegrate, or tatter into shreds after a few hours on the roof rack. We built our Gear Tags to be as durable as anything you attach them to. Made from indestructible Hypalon with waterproof “contact info” fields (permanent marker only), these Gear Tags are built to stand up to anything you throw at them.

- Fully water and dust proof design keeps your information legible
- Write in contact information for luggage or mark contents of bag (permanent ink)
- Engineered for all environments: water, impact, and dust proof
- Set includes 2 Gear Tags

Weight: 0.6oz (17g)
Folded Dimensions: 6.7 L x 1.3 W x 0.34 D in (17 L x 3.3 W x 0.87 D cm)
Unfolded Dimensions: 5.3 L x 1.3 W in (13.4 L x 3.3 W cm)

- Hypalon
- Polycarbonate

What do I write my contact information with?
A permanent marker of any kind is the best writing utensil for the Gear Tags. We prefer a fine tip.

Can I install a Gear Tag onto a closed luggage handle?
Yes, Gear Tags can thread onto any closed handle or loop and can be sized to fit anywhere you’d like. Installation instructions can be found printed on the inside of each Gear Tag.

Can the Gear Tags get wet?
Yes, we made the Gear Tags because we needed a luggage identifier that could withstand rain and wind.  Whether your bag is riding in a truck bed, on roof rack, or strapped to a motorcycle- your Gear Tag will stay put and be legible.

White gear tag hanging off black backpack worn by man

Universal design

Attaches to any bag or pack, including closed loops or handles.

Hands on white background writing contact information onto gear tag with sharpie marker


Write in contact information, or indicate the contents of a bag.

Close up view of gear tag details: hypalon material and buckle

Rugged construction

Made from durable Hypalon. Stands up to all types of travel and outdoor exposure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Arturo A.
sturdy but hard to handle

These are solid. No way someone is pulling them off a bag. But at the same time, it's difficult to un wrap them to attach them to a bag. I guess they will have to stay in the bag forever.

Marck G.

Awesome product


Is that mine, no more.