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FlatPak™ Soap Bar Case

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The FlatPak™ Soap Bar Case is the lightweight and leakproof way to travel with bar soap. Soap bars dry through the material, so they never get mushy.

Best For: Traveling with bar soap when space and weight matter
Dry-Through™ Technology
"Best gear of the year" – Popular Mechanics
"Best accessory" – Carryology Annual Carry Awards
"Packhacker pick award" – Pack Hacker


Bar soap is one of the best travel hacks going – a small bar lasts for weeks and there's no TSA liquid limitation. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to transport. Hard plastic cases are bulky, break easily, and drip soapy water in your bag. Ziploc bags don't leak, but they turn your soap into mush.

We built the FlatPak™ Soap Bar Case to solve all these problems. The crush-proof fabric design adapts to be the size of the soap bar inside. Our patented, breathable fabric and welded seam construction is totally leakproof, but it lets your soap dry inside the case so it never gets mushy.

- 3X* lighter than plastic soap bar cases
- 6X** more compact than other soap bar cases (with 1oz bar of soap)
- Dry-Through™ Technology lets soap dry through case so it's never mushy
- Waterproof, welded construction
- Adapts to size of soapbar as it shrinks
- Hypalon® rolltop closure + YKK® buckle
- TSA approved
- U.S. Patent No. D896521 S
- U.S. Patent No. 10788263 B1

*3 times lighter compared to most traditional plastic soap bar cases
**6 times more compact when compared to most soap bar cases containing 1oz bar of soap

Weight: 0.39oz (11g)
Dimensions: 4 H x 2.4 W x 1.3 D in
(10.16 H x 6.1 W x 3.3 D cm), max

Fits standard size soap bars
Fits all types of bar soaps, including shampoo and conditioner bars

- Cordura® nylon with proprietary Matador® Dry-Through™ coating
- Hypalon rolltop closure

Basic use instructions
Rinse before first use. Put soap bar inside the bag, ensuring excess water does not get trapped inside. Roll the rolltop three times or more, bend and buckle the ends of the buckle together. Soap bar will dry through the bag. Bar soap will dry more slowly in humid environments. For best results, allow soap to dry as much as possible before stowing in bag. Keep bag exposed to open air (not in a confined space) while soap bar is drying inside Flatpak Soap Bar Case.

Cleaning instructions
Hand wash your FlatPak Soap Bar Case with warm water and mild soap. Do not wash in a dishwasher or washing machine.

Dry-Through Technology: maximizing performance
The wet soap will dry directly through the material without allowing any leakage. The drying performance will vary based on temperature, relative humidity, and other external factors. To maximize the speed of drying, please follow the suggestions below:

- Remove as much water and suds as possible from the soap bar before inserting it into the FlatPak case.

- Roll the top only 3 times to keep as much surface area of the case exposed to open air as possible. More exposed surface area will yield faster drying times.

- Keep the FlatPak case exposed to open air while drying. The drying time will be noticeably longer if you immediately put the case inside your dopp kit or luggage where there is no air circulating.

- Dry the outside of the FlatPak Soap Bar Case after you put the wet soap inside.

- Occasionally rinse away any soapy residue from the inside of the FlatPak Soap Bar Case to maximize performance of the Dry-Through Technology.

Leave No Trace principles
When bathing in the outdoors, please take care to use biodegradable soaps and rinse soapy residue 200 feet from the water source.

Is the Flatpak™ Soap Bar Case waterproof and leakproof?
Yes, both. The Soap Bar Case is fully waterproof, keeping water in or out of the case while still allowing soap bars to dry through the material.

How do soap bars dry through the material?
In short, the Soap Bar Case is vapor permeable. This allows soap bars to dry out between uses to elongate their lifespan and deter bars from getting mushy.

Which soap bars will the case fit?
All standard soap bars. If you prefer to travel with a bar that only comes in a very large size, we suggest cutting the bar in half.

How do I close the Soap Bar Case?
Simply roll 3 or more times and buckle like a drybag.

Does this product have a warranty?
Yes, this product is warrantied for 2 years.

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including DMF which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

Hand holding soap bar case with water dripping from it

100% leakproof design

Welded, rolltop design keeps water inside so that you can travel with soap bars and it will never leak.

Hands rolling soap bar case closure

Keeps soap bars solid

Proprietary coating lets soap bar dry through the fabric, preventing mushy soap and increasing bar longevity.

Hand pulling soap bar out of soap bar case

Fits standard size bars

All standard size bar soap fits into the case with ease. This includes traditional bar soap, shampoo bars, as well as conditioner bars.

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews

Excellent product

Sequina T.
FlatPak™ Soap Bar Case

Works as intended, just what I was looking for. Good quality product.

Thanks for adding different colors

I've been using the black soap case for years and as I've discovered more and more solid toiletries that work for me, have been buying more of the Matador cases as they live up to their claims. The navy one was a bit too close in color, but the new white one makes it much easier to differentiate the contents of the case without having to open it up. Looking forward to more colors?