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BetaLock™ Accessory Cable

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Designed to work alongside the BetaLock™ for expanded functionality. 

Best For: Extending the versatility of your BetaLock™
Stainless steel braided core
Locking nut for small pass-throughs
Secure multiple items or large items like helmets or jackets

- 24" stainless steel braided core — loops on both ends
- Designed to work with the BetaLock
- Silicone keeper loop secures cable for travel
- Rubberized coating prevents scratching and is tamper evident
- Locking nut on one end for securing lockers or small pass-throughs

Weight: 0.75oz (21.4g)
Cable Length: 24in (60.9cm)

- Silicone keeper loop
- Stainless steel cable
- TPU rubberized coating
- 6061 Aluminum lock-nut

Do not use for climbing or suspending heavy or dangerous loads.
The BetaLock™ and Accessory Cable are not intended for use as a load bearing device.

Does the BetaLock™ Accessory Cable include a lock?
The Betalock™ Accessory Cable does not include a lock. The Accessory Cable is designed to work with the BetaLock™ Carabiner.

Can I use the BetaLock™ Accessory Cable with other locks in addition to the BetaLock™ Carabiner?
Yes, you can use the BetaLock™ Accessory Cable with other locks. It is designed for the best experience when paired with a BetaLock™ Carabiner but it can be used with other locks.

What level of security does the BetaLock™ Accessory Cable provide?
The BetaLock™ Accessory Cable has a braided stainless steel core with a rubberized exterior coating and is both lightweight and cut resistant. The Accessory Cable is engineered to provide a theft deterrent level of security. Deterrent level of security is appropriate for short lapses in supervision and to prevent grab and go theft, pick pocketing, and tampering.

When choosing a lock or cable, it is important to know what level of security you need for various applications. The BetaLock™ Accessory Cable is designed for passive protection when used with a BetaLock™, and deters against common grab and go theft that occurs frequently when traveling.  Deterrent level of security is appropriate when carrying baggage or wearing a backpack in urban areas, or where your belongings are out of sight during quick stops.

How do I used the BetaLock™ Accessory Cable?
The BetaLock™ Accessory Cable is highly versatile. There are many problem solving opportunities and applications when you have BetaLock™ Accessory Cable on hand. Some applications include:
- Locking all of the zippers on your SEG or GlobeRider Travel Pack with a single BetaLock™ to prevent tampering.
- Locking a water bottle, helmet, or shoes to your pack or stationary item.
- Locking lockers with small access points in publicly visible areas like the lockers at a gym, hostel, yoga studio, or hot spring.
- Providing secondary protection such as locking a bag or case to the inside of a car to deter grab and go theft during a vehicle break in.

close up view of matador logo on wrapped up accessory cable on light gray background

Silicone storage loop

Keeps the cable neatly stowed and on-hand for when you need it.

Hands placing accessory cable through locker and securing with betalock carabiner

Fits small pass-throughs and tight spaces

Use the cable's locking nut to secure items through small pass-throughs or hard to reach places.

Person holding a BetaLock Accessory Cable placed through a white bike helmet

Secure larger items

Use the 24ʺ cable to secure larger items like helmets, jackets, or bags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Having a lock that can be depended o. Makes traveling g easier.

Kyle O.
The perfect, versatile companion to the BetaLock

I ordered the BetaLock Accessory Cable to be used with the BetaLock that I purchased a while ago. I'm mostly using this combo to secure all of our luggage together at our travel destinations—and it works great! It seems pretty versatile though so I could also see us using it for locking up snowboards and other adventure gear.

BONUS: The silicone storage loop is actually a pretty clever design, and helps keep the cord organized when it's not being used.

Overall, very stoked on this simple little device. 10/10


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