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The 6 Best Gifts for the Travelers on your List

November 26 2019

The 6 Best Gifts for the Travelers on your List
The 6 Best Gifts for the Travelers on your List
‘Tis the season for searching high and low for gifts that are unique, useful, and thoughtful. If you have a traveler on your list, look no further than right here. We’ve rounded up 6 gifts that are perfect for anyone planning to hit the road and take a trip this year.

1. Freerain24 2.0
The Freerain 24 2.0 is designed for the traveler who makes the most of their trip, rain or shine. This 24 liter waterproof backpack packs down to the size of a baseball when not in use, so it takes up almost no space in your luggage. Mesh straps don’t soak in water and help keep the load distributed as your bag gets heavier, so it’s comfortable to carry whether you’re hitting the city or the trails. Shop Now.

2. NanoDry Shower Towel
This full sized, full absorbancy shower towel packs down to the size of a deck of cards, making it the perfect solution to space saving when you travel. An antimicrobial coating on the towel keeps it fresher longer, and the silicone carrying case features a carabiner, allowing you to hook the towel on the outside of your pack. Shop Now.

3. FlatPak Series
The FlatPak toiletry bottle, case, and soap bar case are the most lightweight solutions for bringing toiletries on the road. Many hotels are no longer offering single use bottles of shampoo and conditioner for environmental reasons, and this 3 oz. capacity toiletry bottle is the perfect replacement. The Soap Bar case allows bars of soap to dry through the material, so you no longer have to worry about your bars of soap turning to mush. Package them all together in the toiletry case along with your other essentials. This, too, features dry-through technology, allowing your toothbrush to dry in the case after use. Shop Now.

4. Transit30 2.0
Perfect for the traveler who likes to pack light or the traveler who likes to bring back a bag full of souvenirs, this 5 oz. duffle packs down to the size of a tennis ball. The ripstop Cordura is durable enough to check, but small enough to be the perfect carryon if you prefer. Shop Now.

5. Pocket Blanket
The Pocket Blanket makes the perfect gift for travelers and non-travelers alike. This 4’x6’ ground cover packs down to fit in the palm of your hand, and allows you to stop and take a seat wherever you are. Perfect for catching an impromptu sunset in a park, for your summit sandwich, or as a clean place to sit at outdoor concerts. Shop Now.

6. Earplugs Kit
Sometimes the most useful products come in the smallest packages. Earplugs are a traveler’s best friend, but they’re also really easy to lose. This kit comes with three sets of earplugs and two silicone carrying cases that you can attach to a bag, jacket, or set of keys. Super simple, and super handy. Shop Now.


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