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Summer Gear Tips from our San Diego Ambassador

June 21 2019

Summer Gear Tips from our San Diego Ambassador
Summer Gear Tips from our San Diego Ambassador
I’ve been a Matador fan and ambassador living in San Diego for 4 years. When Matador asked me what I’ve been up to lately, I was stoked to tell them about my newly launched company - Driftline, where we are excited to announce Drifties™, our patent-pending wetsuit-lined boardshorts. Drifties provide all watersport athletes, like myself, with a supportive and super soft 0.5mm neoprene liner that's connected to a stylish outer shell. Much like Matador, I wanted to create a product that was functional and stylish when adventuring. I wear the Drifties surfing almost every day to give me the comfort, warmth, and chafing protection that no other product really provides. - Wes Horbatuck

Saturday morning light peaks through the curtains and the waves are looking perfectly glassy. It’s going to be a full-on beach day here in San Diego. I grab only the essentials – my Seafoam Drifties™, Matador’s Ocean Pocket Blanket and NanoDry Towel, my go-to Blenders Sunglasses, a little zinc for the nose, and my longboard to carve up the chest high waves.

It's easy to become an expert on beach gear when you're living in San Diego. My essentials are products that I have tested time and time again in and out of the water, and were made to handle everything the beach has to throw at me – including the shoobies!

Before a good surf, I always throw on my Drifties, the wetsuit-lined boardshorts from Driftline. Drifties are the newest addition to my wardrobe and definitely the most essential item of activewear in my closet. They offer the functionality of a wetsuit without all the fuss…think wetsuit-meets-boardshort.

The outer shell is really stylish and made of a 4-way stretch material. My favorite part is, underneath the shell is a super soft neoprene liner that keeps ‘my boys’ warm, so there's no need for that weird jump move to avoid the water first touching the unmentionables. I also love how they protect my inner thighs from chafing while I’m sitting on my surfboard waiting for a nice wave. I can wear Drifties wakeboarding, swimming, SUP’ing, and more, but one thing is for sure – Drifties are a must for any aquatic adventure.

Next up is my packable Matador Droplet XL bag – a 100% waterproof, ripstop nylon storage bag – which is perfect for keeping my gear dry and storing my wet towel after the beach. Matador’s packable gear is made for easy transit and functional adventuring, so I clip it to my backpack and make sure to throw in Matador’s packable NanoDry Towel. This comfortable towel has an antimicrobial fabric coating to protect against mildew, and is made of a nanofiber material that makes it incredibly lightweight and water absorbent.

I can’t forget about one of Matador’s newest products either – their packable Ocean Pocket Blanket. With an incredible design from artist Sarah Caudle, this innovative blanket is water repellent, puncture resistant, and literally fits in my pocket! But, the best part about it is that for every Ocean Pocket Blanket sold, Matador removes one pound of trash from waterways – something we can all get behind. Whether it’s a beautiful beach day or a hike in the mountains, Matador always has the best adventure travel gear.

I’m finally ready to run out the door with all my gear and surfboard in hand, but the last item I grab are my Blenders Sunglasses. I rock these things no matter what the occasion, so they’ve become a staple every time I leave the house. We’ve all tried plenty of sunglasses over the years, but they never seem quite right. Blenders is a different story because every style sit perfectly across my face, with crisp-and-clear visibility, super rad designs, and price points that are affordable for all.

I have so many pairs at this point that I can just choose depending on my mood! The Broadway Nika from the North Park Collection are definitely my go-to because of the soft-touch frames and the slightly rounded style. The Black Tundra’s are exclusively what I wear to play volleyball because of the polarized lenses and the sporty look. I always seem to get comments on the Stone Breaker’s from the Romeo Collection, but I’m not sure if it’s because of their sleek acetate frames, or because I’m wearing them inside the bar! Either way, Blenders’ bold styles combined with their range of colorways are exactly what I need for the summertime.

With my essential summer gear packed in virtually the palm of my hand, I’m ready to spend the whole day in-and-out of the water feeling comfortable and looking fresh. When the sun finally sets on my salt-crusted skin – with my sea-soaked Drifties and Blenders on my face – I can crack open a beer on my Matador pocket blanket knowing that today was a good day.


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