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A Conversation with Lauren Roth | GET INSPIRED SERIES

November 17 2016

A Conversation with Lauren Roth | GET INSPIRED SERIES
A Conversation with Lauren Roth | GET INSPIRED SERIES
In our get inspired journal series we are getting personal with some seriously inspiring people.  Get advice and insider stories from some of the most amazing people we know.  Ready to get inspired to live your best life?  We thought so.  
Lauren Roth
Social: @ LaurenRothArt Instagram and Facebook
Home right now is Kailua, Hawaii
What is your favorite thing about where you call home?
This is a hard one, because there are so many amazing things about Oahu! I love that I can be deep in the jungle for a hike in the morning and then laying on the beach by the afternoon. There is definitely a feeling out here of taking the time to appreciate friends and family, to enjoy life and the outdoors and to follow your passion. It really is a special place, that I feel so lucky to be able to live and create art here.
Can you tell us a little about your work?
My work is a little bit of everything, from Painting to Graphic Design and a full product line.
My paintings are usually created with watercolors, paint markers, pen, acrylic and ink. They lean towards organic and whimsical representations of Hawaii.
 As a graphic designer, I have freelanced for companies such as Whole Foods, Nautica, Nordstroms and more. It always something fun and different, ranging from company branding, to logo designs.
My product line consists of art prints, bags, clutches, hats, tees, stationary, and most recently an 82 page, hand illustrated Hawaii themed coloring book! All created and (mostly) made in Hawaii.
It is hard to describe all the different things haha, take a look at my website to see it all, and shop!
What is your favorite place to go or thing to do for creative inspiration?
There are always a ton of art related events going on in Hawaii, it is so nice to go to them and see all the awesome artist in Hawaii doing their thing, that always helps me to push harder at my work. I also like to travel as mush as I can, to wherever I can. For daily inspiration, I always carry my sketchbook around with me so I can jot down an idea I have, or a quick sketch. Thankfully living here there is no shortage of things to be inspired by when it comes to colors,
Plants, flowers and etc.
What is your favorite thing to eat?
I just laughed at this question, my husband always jokes that if I was ever interviewed and this question came up my answer would be “Drinks!” I love water and coffee, and always have more than one drink on my desk at a time. But, if I have to pick food, I would say Spicy Ahi Poke!
Is there a quote, mantra, or piece of advice that you live by?
As cliché as this may be, I always find myself thinking it or saying it to others, whether it is being applied to work or life in general, I think it is so important to always “Do what you love and love what you do”.


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