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Supplements to Travel With

October 01 2020

Supplements to Travel With
Supplements to Travel With
Vitamin B
If you’re like us, you probably land at your destination with a packed schedule and don’t have much time to be tired. Vitamin B is great for boosting energy and getting over jetlag.  One of the (many) active ingredients in 5 Hour Energy, you can skip the jitters that come with the energy drink alternatives and chew on a vitamin B12 tablet for a boost.
Milk thistle
Airports- where 9am airport beers are completely acceptable. If you drink more than usual when you travel, consider milk thistle. Some studies show that it can help with hangovers.
Your body naturally produces melatonin at night, which contributes to you feeling tired right around bedtime. If you need to get some sleep on the plane and want to keep it relatively natural, melatonin will do the trick without making you drowsy the next day.
Tylenol PM
Nobody loves jet lag, or the headache that often comes with it.  The nighttime variety of the headache cure can help you fall asleep when you're in the wrong time zone and might ultimately help you not need a pain reliever the following day.
When you travel, you’re probably eating quite a bit of food you’re not used to eating. Probiotics may help with travelers indigestion should your adventures lead you down a path of dietary indiscretion.   
Helpful for stiff muscles, falling asleep, and keeping you regular when you're on the road.
Whatever supplements you take at home, there's reason to keep your routine as similar as possible when you hit the road or change time zones.  Always ask a health professional before starting any supplements- you know the drill.  We are not certified or authorized to give any health advice.  We are however, a bit too experienced with jetlag, hangovers, and Montezuma's revenge.
Waterproof Travel Canisters
Our Waterproof Travel Canisters are great for carrying supplements when you're on the road.


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